Accessible Flevoland

Flevoland is right in the centre of Northwestern Europe, a market with over 100 million people. In The Netherlands, Flevoland is part of the region around Amsterdam, one of the economic centres of Europe. Two of the major European transport hubs, the port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, are at our doorstep. These hubs provide daily connections to all major economical centers in the world.

Flevoland is directly accessible by road, rail, water and air from Brussels, London, Paris, Berlin and other European cities.

All major cities in Flevoland have a direct connection by both road and rail to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The transfer time between Almere (Flevoland) and Schiphol is just half an hour. At Flevoland’s own airport, Lelystad Airport, a large development program is on its way to make it an European hub, offering direct business flights to destinations all over Europe.

As for goods, Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world while Schiphol is among the main centres for air cargo in Europe. In our region, we’re working on the multimodal transport hub Flevokust near the capital of Lelystad, connecting this city directly to the harbors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

For IT-connections, most of Flevoland has a high-capacity glass fibre network.


This project is partly financed with support from the European Fund for Regional Development from The European Comission and province of Flevoland.


Valspar BV

“Flevoland is new land. That gives it an edge. Almere and Lelystad lead in the field of IT. The industrial estate on which we are located is fully equipped with fibre optic data communication; the medium of the future. The physical ...

McCain Foods Holland

“McCain Foods Holland B.V. has three sites in the Netherlands; factories in Lelystad and Lewedorp and an office in Hoofddorp. Our Lelystad (Flevoland) factory is located close to the potatoes; they are grown in our back garden so to speak ...