Incentives for innovation

The Flevoland Development Agency matches companies and knowledge facilities with possible contract partners abroad. This happens mostly in the technical field. There is a close relationship with the Chamber of Commerce.

Flevoland can offer companies a number of interesting incentives for innovation, the development of products or services and other activities. The main programs are:

    • Knowledge Vouchers, financial support for the hiring of external experts.
      For more information: OMFL or Syntens, the Dutch Innovation Network for SME-companies.
    • Coaching and vouchers for so-called technostarters, financial support for innovation projects.
      For more information: OMFL or Syntens
    • FLOO, aimed at strengthening the regional economy by supporting young companies which offer a good perspective for further growth.
      For more information: OMFL
    • FLIIN, the Flevoland Informal Investors Network, a network of investors and (ex-) entrepreneurs interested in offering financial support to young and promising companies.
      For more information: OMFL
    • TMI-program for innovation in (environmental) beneficial activities such as energy saving, environmental improvements or new materials.
      For more information: Province of Flevoland
    • SME- and Technofonds, financial support for companies in the technology industry in order to get technological innovations off the ground.
      For more info: MKB Technofonds


This project is partly financed with support from the European Fund for Regional Development from The European Comission and province of Flevoland.



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“The Netherlands is the gateway to the rest of Europe. People are well qualified and they speak English. It is an open country with superior dairy technology and a nation receptive to innovative dairy products. Almere/Flevoland is unique ...