Living in Flevoland: quality of life

Flevoland offers a high quality of life providing an area rich in water where modern towns and villages alternate with areas of natural beauty, gentle farmland and vast landscapes.

The vibrant city of Amsterdam, with all its theatres, cinemas, restaurants, museums, sports facilities, universities, parks and beaches, nightlife, shopping facilities and hospitals is at its doorstep which enables inhabitants to enjoy all the benefits without encountering the disadvantages of this metropolis.

Centrally located in the Netherlands, the modern province of Flevoland is a comfortable place to live. Continues new dwellings are constructed each year here, allowing to accurately anticipate rapidly changing living trends. Together with other involved parties, the province actively aims to develop varied residential areas and dwelling types that reflect (future) residents’ latest ideas.

Flevoland offers villa’s at the lakeside, on a golf course or at other attractive locations, as well as a wide variety of family houses and apartments, either for sale or for rent. When moving business, finding a home for your staff in Flevoland will never be a problem. Also commuting within Flevoland is attractive because it has low traffic congestion compared to the rest of the Netherlands.


This project is partly financed with support from the European Fund for Regional Development from The European Comission and province of Flevoland.



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