Research & Development

Flevoland has an impressive number of leading facilities for Research and Development. Many of these institutes are renowned all over the world. They actively encourage spin-offs and support the use of their advanced technologies by other companies. These businesses are often located at dedicated business parks in the direct vicinity of the R&D facility.

We can distinguish three major R&D fields in Flevoland:


This project is partly financed with support from the European Fund for Regional Development from The European Comission and province of Flevoland.


McCain Foods Holland

“McCain Foods Holland B.V. has three sites in the Netherlands; factories in Lelystad and Lewedorp and an office in Hoofddorp. Our Lelystad (Flevoland) factory is located close to the potatoes; they are grown in our back garden so to speak ...

Giant Europe

“Giant Europe has had its head office in Lelystad since 1986, and at a highly visible location along the A6 motorway since 1996. Some aspects of bicycle production were also moved here. The Netherlands was selected as a location after Giant ...