Sustainable Flevoland

Sustainability is one of the key words in the Flevoland development policy. Its economic growth goes hand-in-hand with care for the planet. When taking decisions about the economic development, the impact on the environment in always taken into account. Flevoland actively supports a number of initiatives for renewable energy or sustainable production methods. Green and sustainable production, clean energy and other aspects of responsible entrepreneurship are an essential part of the business culture. For many of Flevolands companies, acting and working in a responsible way is an integrated part of their business activities.

Special regional initiatives:

    • Renewable resources: Acrres, the application centre for renewable resources, is located in Lelystad. One of Acrres’ main fields of activity is the valorisation of biomass.
    • Wind energy: Flevoland has over 600 wind turbines generating over 650 Mw, being one third of total wind energy capacity in The Netherlands. Flevoland is self-supporting for 60% of its total demand, from renewable energy. Being unique in this field, Flevoland is the leading province in The Netherlands.
    • Bio-energy: The focus in bio-energy and renewable resources is on innovation, production and distribution of bio-gas, together with high-tech refining of residual waste streams and bio-refining. In this perspective, Flevoland attracts and is a place where industry suppliers and consumers of residual waste streams meet and grow towards a robust branch of industry.
    • Solar energy: The third largest solar energy plant in the world is located in Flevoland. This Sun Island has over 520 solar panels and stretches out over 7,000 sq meters.


This project is partly financed with support from the European Fund for Regional Development from The European Comission and province of Flevoland.


Valspar BV

“Flevoland is new land. That gives it an edge. Almere and Lelystad lead in the field of IT. The industrial estate on which we are located is fully equipped with fibre optic data communication; the medium of the future. The physical ...

McCain Foods Holland

“McCain Foods Holland B.V. has three sites in the Netherlands; factories in Lelystad and Lewedorp and an office in Hoofddorp. Our Lelystad (Flevoland) factory is located close to the potatoes; they are grown in our back garden so to speak ...