Agrifood and renewable energy

Flevoland offers space for and support to a number of initiatives on renewable energy or sustainable production methods.  Wind energy, bio-energy and solar energy are generated on a  large scale in this province, which, as a result, is 60%  self-supporting in its total demand for energy.

Approximately 65% of Flevoland is still dedicated to agriculture. Here, you’ll find some of the largest and most efficient farms in Europe. The region also has comprehensive areas for high-quality horticulture, including large greenhouses, and accommodates a major part of the famous Dutch bulbs industry. Many institutes and businesses have developed specific know-how through close cooperation with a number of R&D facilities specialized in various aspects of agribusiness.



“The Netherlands is the gateway to the rest of Europe. People are well qualified and they speak English. It is an open country with superior dairy technology and a nation receptive to innovative dairy products. Almere/Flevoland is unique ...

Valspar BV

“Flevoland is new land. That gives it an edge. Almere and Lelystad lead in the field of IT. The industrial estate on which we are located is fully equipped with fibre optic data communication; the medium of the future. The physical ...