Industrial engineering

Flevoland has a strong cluster of companies specialized in composites: super-strong, lightweight compositions of fibers and resins. The development of new materials and applications is their core-business. An example of this new technology is the production of parts of the Joint Strike Fighter, where the use of composites can lead to a significant reduction in the weight of these fighter planes.

    • mechanical engineering
    • aerospace
    • electrical engineering
    • composites engineering
    • machinery and tools


Giant Europe

“Giant Europe has had its head office in Lelystad since 1986, and at a highly visible location along the A6 motorway since 1996. Some aspects of bicycle production were also moved here. The Netherlands was selected as a location after Giant ...


“The Netherlands is the gateway to the rest of Europe. People are well qualified and they speak English. It is an open country with superior dairy technology and a nation receptive to innovative dairy products. Almere/Flevoland is unique ...