Visit to China May 2012

Jacques Timmers and Ane Papma visited China from 7 – 11 May and met with various organizations to discuss knowledge sharing and mutual investments.

Among others, they met with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA, a Min EL&I agency) to discuss recent developments and markets in China; with the Commerce, Science and Technology departments of sister province Zhejiang to discuss specific types of collaboration, and they visited various companies.

They were struck most of all by the worries expressed by the Chinese about their declining export, which is causing the Chinese economy to contract. They blame this on the economic downturn in Europe and America. The Chinese government is pressing its companies to search for businesses in the West that might allow them access to our markets. This creates opportunities for Dutch companies: the Netherlands as ‘Gateway to Europe’, because the Netherlands distinguish themselves with their knowledge of and experience in logistics. Marketing & Sales of goods produced in China — and possibly the distribution as well — are the most obvious activities that they would like to outsource to the Netherlands. Besides that, China has sufficient means to search for companies that they might be able to take over. In doing so, they would ‘buy’ the desired knowledge and market share. It is, therefore, important to keep our eyes and ears peeled. The NFIA has recognized this trend, too, and mentions various positive experiences in that respect.





“The Netherlands is the gateway to the rest of Europe. People are well qualified and they speak English. It is an open country with superior dairy technology and a nation receptive to innovative dairy products. Almere/Flevoland is unique ...

McCain Foods Holland

“McCain Foods Holland B.V. has three sites in the Netherlands; factories in Lelystad and Lewedorp and an office in Hoofddorp. Our Lelystad (Flevoland) factory is located close to the potatoes; they are grown in our back garden so to speak ...