OMFL Player Code of Conduct

  • OMFL registered teams herein referred to as player teams, agree to be respectful and professional both on and off the Field.

  • Player teams shall be stewards of the sport.

  • Player teams shall not engage in behavior that would violate Field Rules, Field Regulations and or Field Codes of Conduct.

  • Only player teams who are in good standing may participate in OMFL Season days of play

  • Player teams who have paid their OMFL/Field fees as well as have not been found to be in violation of the OMFL/Field rules and regulations will be considered to be in good standing

OMFL Identification

  • Player teams in good standing will be issued an OMFL  PVC Patch

Playing Fields

  • OMFL does not have a required field size

  • Multiple fields of various size, layouts may be used during the course of the OMFL Season

  • Game play style may differ from league day to league day through out the course of the season

Player Team Roster

  • Player teams will consist of four players.

  • A team may play with less then their registered four players at their discretion

Match Format

  • Game play will be 4v4

Markers, Magazines and accessories

  • OMFL will limit player teams to MagFed/Pump style paintball markers only. MagFed markers will be herein defined as markers that have been intended by the original manufacturer to use or house magazines designed for paintballs. 

  • Pump markers are defined as markers that require the marker to pumped/cocked in order to chamber a round before it can be fired.

  • Player teams are permitted to carry a maximum of two markers (Primary and Secondary) so long as the player adheres to the load out requirements.

  • Player teams may use Full Auto fire mode if their marker is equipped with it.

  • A magazine shall be spring loaded and shall either be TRUE-FEED (continuous ejection until spent) or SEMI (mag partially ejects rounds and then must be released, reinserted to eject remainder of rounds such as a Zeta or Dye Mag) 

  • Drum  mags will be permitted so long as the player adheres to the load out requirements

  • Box mags will be permitted so long as the player adheres to the load out requirements

Load out requirements

  • Maximum load out per match per player (not player team) is 150 rounds of .68 caliber paintballs.

  • Magazines, drum mags and box mags can not be reloaded on the field during a match

  • Pump pods, hoppers/tubes can not exceed the 150 round load out per match nor be refilled during an active game/match.

  • First strike rounds are not permitted

  • Only field paint may be used

Referee Team

  • OMFL Referee team will consist of one Field Referee and one OMFL Admin

  • Field referee will be contracted to OMFL for the Season

  • Field referee will oversee all game play on the field. Filed Referee will have final say on all field calls

  • OMFL Admin will set randomized teams based on players onsite and present during regular season days.

  • Admin will record Team Stats (IPS) throughout each season day as well as upload data to the OMFL Leaderboard.

Team Stats (TS) will be awarded as follows

  • Player teams that are present during season days will receive five (5) participation points per game day

  • Player teams will receive one (2) point for being on the winning team during matches

  • In the event of a match draw, both player teams will be awarded a point.

2022 Inaugural season REBOOT will run April 2022 through to August 2022

Tentative dates to come soon ...